Prolific or Obsessed?

I've always been a prolific creator. Throughout school, my brother and I would create instruction manuals for games that didn't exist. We would create "rip-offs" of Dragon Ball Z (Dragon Fire comes to mind, but I don't recall the names of the others), Pokemon (Voshemon, Dimimon, Shadomon, Chichimon, and more!), Digimon, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana (and all the other great SNES RPGs), and basically anything that involved a fictional world and tons of characters/monsters. If I wasn't making something, I was not a happy chap.

Eventually, these creations began to take shape in numerous forms. Using RPG Maker 2003, my brother and I would create game upon game. We barely have any of them now, but it was a good few years while it lasted, and you do learn lots about plotlines after having created so much.


And then, with the help of Fistful o' Aliens, the adventures moved into our own backyard! We used wood, metal, and stone to create cities and towns. Rulers rose and fell, battles were won and lost, villains were feared and then defeated, and history rang on for many years (literally!). This world was called Gundi. In 2004, I began writing a story on it. I spent the next two years writing it, and then I decided I didn't like it. Having a world where a person had red, green, blue, black, or grey skin was quite bizarre, to say the least. Gundi was a great experience, but we've moved on to bigger things.


In January 05, a new world began to take shape. My brother and I had the idea of a trinity of gods, and some sketches were made. Numerous plans for maps were drafted. We began to show our ideas online, and slowly, we gathered fans. Now Riiga is a role-playing forum and an online encyclopedia! It's been far more fruitful and enjoyable creating Riiga than any other world we've attempted to manifest. Most of my artwork and stories are set within Riiga, too.

I am both prolific and obsessed.



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