My parents tell me that, since they can remember, I've had a photographic memory. When I was four or five, they say that, after seeing a movie or a picture, I would go and create a replica of it on the blackboard using chalk. Admittedly, my attempts are quite lame in retrospect, but I suppose it was the fact that I was encouraged at such a young age that has gotten me where I am today.

All I used to draw was dinosaurs. I would get dinosaur books and copy all the drawings, occasionally making modifications within the picture books themselves. Because I was so obsessed, I suppose I sucked in everything I could. I quickly picked up the idea of visual perspective through copying and observation. All of my art teachers have always told me that perspective is one of my strong points.

I remember when I was around ten years old, I was starting to draw scenes with multiple dinosaurs in a single environment, rendered in pencil. All I remember was taking it to my teacher the next day and trying to convince him that I didn't reference any of the drawing. I didn't have to. I'd drawn dinosaurs so many times before. Such things become engraved in one's memory after time. Needless to say, they were shocked but utterly supportive, which I greatly appreciate.

Recent Years

Since then, I've drawn and drawn and filled many boxes with drawings and sketches. Just beside me, I have around 28 art diaries. I've only been using them for a few years. I must admit, my anime phase (spurred by such kids shows as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and the like) stumped me for a while. It was fun, cartoony, stylised, but too simple. It was probably the slowest period in my artistic life, but I still learnt a lot from it. I realise now that the best way to learn to draw something stylised is to learn to do it properly and then "work in reverse".

I joined deviantART in March of 05, and have pushed myself in the digital art area since then. The friends I have made and the feedback I have received over the years have been invaluable in my development. I suppose it's made me take my art seriously. I used to draw it for the sheer fun of it. I mean, I still do, but now I try to improve at the same time. I do think it's better to be drawing for fun, anyway. It helps avoid heavy disappointment in one's self.

And I must admit, it's always both flattering and amusing when people express their disbelief at the fact that I do all my digital work with a mouse!

Studying Art

Through all of 2007, I studied Certificate IV in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft at a TAFE institute in Adelaide. Though there was no specific component of the course which closely suited what I do, I tried to leech everything I could. I delved into abstraction, which I found both fascinating and unbelievably helpful. I used charcoal, clay, paints, many found materials, did some darkroom photography, and also tried a smidge of printmaking.

Towards the end of my course, I began to really commit myself to both realism portraiture and stylised illustration. Of course, I don't stick to them 100%, but it's what satisfies me the most.


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