What Does it Mean?

Indeed, what does it mean? I found it difficult in perceiving what my own art meant. I have always known what I enjoy drawing, but I've never known why. Why do my ideas always involve this? Why do I always see things from the point of view of that? I'm a "thinker" sort of person, so I will try and share what I've come up with so far...

As I am a member of the male gender, I find it much easier to associate with my own gender. Consequentially, when trying to depict what one goes through in one's life, it's only natural for me to do it from the point of view of a boy or young man. I suppose this is both an attempt to share how I viewed the world as a child, and to try and express the themes that said subject would inevitably experience. I like to express adventure, pride, wealth, and many other things that are associated with masculinity. By 'pride', I am referring to personal victories, and by 'wealth', I mean success. These were always things that fascinated me as a child.

How does one be a child? How does one be a man? How does one know when the transition has occurred? These are the sorts of questions that are at the root of my art.

When I see artwork that strikes these chords, I am captivated and – for want of a better term – "in love". It's what rings true to me. It's what my life is about.

I believe that if a person is ever to be absolutely certain about anything in their lives, it is their gender.



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