“Your art is as good as your attitude toward it”

I have so much to say about art and being an artist it’s just not funny. Still, all of this is pure advice, so please read if you are serious about being an artist. I was sitting up in bed last night (or this morning rather) and going through what I could say in my third ranting.

Someone told me not long ago that they weren’t good at art. Naturally, I asked why…
They said they just weren’t good at drawing…
I asked what they compared themselves to…
They said every other artist…
I asked how good the other artists are…
They said they were comparing their work to that of professional artists…


People, seriously, this is not the way an artist should think. Yes, you can look at the work of others and learn from them, but do not compare yourself to someone who has more experience, practice, techniques, etc, than you, because you’ll just fail in comparison no matter how good you are.

In order to be an artist, you need to tell yourself, ‘all right, I am an artist’. You will never accomplish anything in art if you don’t try. Failure is just a part of learning. If you don’t do things wrong, you will never know how to do them right.

Who thinks I am 100% happy with every piece of art I do? A fair few people? Wrong. I am usually almost that happy when I first complete a picture, but that wears off over time. I must compliment my own art and pat myself on the back, as many artists must do. Be proud of every piece of art you do, or at least try, because it all counts as progress. Do not expect insightful, interesting and short-story length comments full of advice and critique on every single one of your pictures. It simply does not happen this way. (I am willing to leave comments if you just ask me though)

Having said all that, there are no secrets to art whatsoever. There is no shortcuts or tips that can make anybody an instant artist. Trust me, becoming an instant artists defeats the entire point of being an artist. The only way to get better is to practice. Practice is the key. I will repeat: practice is the key. What is the key? Practice. What is practice? The key. Do you see my point? I sure hope so, otherwise I’m very worried about you.

I draw no matter what people tell me. I’ve had many an occasion where people state things such as ‘what unrealistic/ugly/horrid/vile/pointless/ridiculous/demonic – yes, demonic – and so on and so forth. As an artist, I must shrug off pure insults. People will always insult you as an artist and you can’t control it. The question is; what are you going to do about it? Yeah, you could hire a hitman, but learning to ignore the people who simply put you down is more legal.

And that concludes another ranting on art and being an artist. For your convenience and sanity, I’ve concluded the main points below.

  • Do not compare your art to the art of someone who has more skill than you, because you’ll just fail in comparison no matter how good you are
  • Tell yourself, ‘I am an artist’
  • Practice is the key. There are no shortcuts
  • Ignore the people who only put you down
  • “Your art is as good as your attitude toward it”

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