Since my last spates of advice, I have attempted teaching some people to draw. Unfortunately, many misunderstood a few things. Some think that if they don’t get it right the first time, they’ll never get it right. This attitude gets you absolutely nowhere. Some don’t even know what style they wish to adapt. This also allows you for very little progress. Some give up after one or two failures. You guessed it – this doesn’t work either.

If you want to become a good drawer, you have to want it so bad that nothing – and I mean nothing – is going to stop you. Whether it’s lack of paper and pencils, none of the proper drawing equipment, the wrong computer programs, a dodgy mouse or tablet, too much criticism, not enough inspiration, not enough time, too much demands, no appreciation from other people, no encouragement, no idea where you wish to head, seemingly no future, and whatever else there is that can stop you, you need to keep going.


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