Below are short biographies on all of my main characters. Despite all characters having particular ages and such, please note that in regards to my artwork this does not always apply. For example, sometimes I draw my characters younger or older than they are here.

Name Evan Milreach
Age 15, Rapucius 20th 1165AL
Height 163cms / 5'3"
Weight 62kg /136lbs
Birthplace Rudon
Residence somewhere in North Tasif
Parents Esmond and Vivian
Siblings None
Strengths Helpful, cheerful, kind, mature, caring, strong
Weaknesses Sometimes quiet, submissive, naive, inexperienced
Weapon Silver sword
Evan is very selective about the people he associates with, but treats those he knows well as very good friends. Because Evan's father was an irresponsible drunken warrior, Evan tends to take a fatherly disposition towards younger children.

Name Cole Ryland
Age 14, Lyte 15th, 1166AL
Height 152cms / 5'
Weight 50kg /110lbs
Birthplace Elcheane
Residence Elcheane
Parents Felicia and Gideon
Siblings None
Strengths Thoughtful, clever, polite, skilled
Weaknesses Quiet, sometimes passive and rude, doesn't smile
Weapon Silver sword
Cole is far too deep a boy to making such assumptions about. He is quite polite to adults, and passive towards others his age, and often apprehensive of those slightly older than himself. He can often be seen staring off into space, simply admiring what's around him or thinking about something completely bizarre.

Name Nari
Age 12
Height 145cms / 4'9"
Weight 54kg /119lbs
Birthplace Hluff
Residence Hluff
Parents ??? and ???
Siblings None
Strengths Easy-going, cheerful, athletic, caring
Weaknesses Moody, rebellious, brash
Weapon Sword
Nobody knows who Nari's parents are, and his foster parents are subtly kind at best. Nari is often considered a useless part of the Sirin community because he boasts eight stripes where the average is four. The stripes determine the importance of a Sirin, yet Nari cannot even wield a spear as all Sirins are "meant to".

Name Corey Cain (CC for short)
Age 13, Valera 12th 1167AL
Height 150cms / 4'11"
Weight 45kg /99lbs
Birthplace Phedailin
Residence Phedailin Palace
Parents Malenessa and Dendahn
Siblings Sisters Anbeth and Rosiria
Strengths Outgoing, fit, helpful, friendly, witty
Weaknesses Naive, roudy, excitable, spoilt

Name Berii Carson
Age 12, Erucha 23rd 1168AL
Height 142cms / 4'8"
Weight 42kg /92lbs
Birthplace Lyte
Residence Jaron's Manor
Parents Jaron and Rhea
Siblings Older sister Alaen
Strengths Intelligent, playful, keen
Weaknesses Stubborn, conceited, brash, rude
As the son of the richest man in Central and a descendant of Nicolas Carson, Berii has a lot to live up to. As he spends most of his time in their manor with his sister Laila, Berii doesn't really know how to act around people. With his sister there, he is quite childish, but on his own, he is often quiet. He doesn't want to learn to wield any weapon.


Anu Kaurden

Age 13, Rapucius 31st 1167AL
Height 140cms / 4'7"
Weight 52kg /114lbs
Birthplace Ventet
Residence Ventet
Parents Blasenius and Mirian
Siblings None
Strengths Very strong, skilled, patriotic, diplomatic, polite
Weaknesses Arrogant, overly-mature, boastful
Weapon Fistfighting gauntlets

 Name Hunter Scott
Age 12, Phederia 26th 1168AL
Height 140cms / 4'7"
Weight 44kg /97lbs
Birthplace Ellecil
Residence Ellecil
Parents Lucas and Mia
Siblings Younger brother Rory
Strengths Strong, thoughtful, responsible, clever
Weaknesses Quiet, withdrawn, fearful, shy, thinks he is going crazy
When Hunter was eight, his baby brother Rory caught an illness that still prevails four years later. In that same year, their soldier father left for Curin -- a dangerous place for any soldier. Lucas hasn't returned. When he was nine, his best friend, Chloe, died in a tragic accident. His mother works all day to pay for food, and Hunter cares for Rory. Needless to say, Hunter grew up too fast in an attempt to handle it all.

Name William Macelle
Age 11, Lyte 4th 3565BD
Height 137cms / 4'6"
Weight 40kg /88lbs
Birthplace Vesht
Residence Vesht
Parents Clifford and Maryanna
Siblings Younger sister Erin
Strengths Clever, polite to adults and girls, noble, talkative, headstrong
Weaknesses Roudy, aggressive, loud
William is often adventuring on his own. He has an obsession with knighthood and calls any male older than him "sir". He's very protective of his friends -- especially his sister Erin -- and can also be quite headstrong. He believes that being a kind person will get you a long way, though he does sometimes forget this as most children do. He can be very rowdy with other boys his age and younger.

 Name Tobias Edgard
Age 11, Omortis 33rd 1721BD
Height 138cms / 4'6"
Weight 43kg /94lbs
Birthplace Ramston
Residence Lihuil
Parents Devan and Francesca(deceased)
Siblings Younger twins August and Amelia
Strengths Clever, passionate, headstrong
Weaknesses Angry, violent, bitter, confused
Weapon Earth and shadow magic
Tobias's story.

Name Thomas Chesterfield
Age 10, Alchae 23rd 1170AL
Height 127cms / 4'2"
Weight 36kg /79lbs
Birthplace Serten
Residence A farm in North Tasif
Parents Etteresa(deceased) and Tenor
Siblings None
Strengths Imaginative, responsible, strong, mature
Weaknesses Moody, self-conscious



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