As of September 2014, this wiki and the world of Riiga are undergoing a rehaul and will not be available for public viewing.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact me via the Contact page above.


Riiga is a fictional world that has been created by Treijim (myself) and Xennavor (my brother). It was started in early 2005. Having previously made up numerous fantasy worlds throughout our childhood, we decided we needed one we could share with the world, as the last world was more of a personal project of ours. Riiga, though mostly our creation, has also had input from friends of mine, and it is also where most of my stories take place.

I'd like to thank Dreadicon, The Ethereal Panda, LauraBeth, DarkFoxPrime, Laharl234, and Scraver for their help in making Riiga what it is today.


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