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"Violence has erupted within the Kingdom of Vastin. The lordland of Simbea has declared war on the lordland of Cape Valley. Sentaryn Hillsen, fortknight and vassal to the lord of Simbea, is told that the mistakes of his family have caused the war, while his wife, Alis, discovers the corruption within her own province during her stay in The Claw. Bethyn falls in love with a Cape Valley knight, Isadora is taken as a hostage by the enemy and sent to a neutral province, Kayn hurries with a host of knights to inform the king of treason, Tymothy travels south with ten thousand soldiers to help lay the initial siege on Cape Valley, young Blakely finds a new family amongst his kidnappers, and Merita soon turns to the enemy once the rest of her family abandons her."


This page is for the story I'm writing on. It's mainly to show to people who ask about its progress or details. Some details, such as surnames, ages, and descriptions, are intentionally left out to avoid spoilers. All names, titles, and descriptions refer to the character as they would be at the very beginning of the story. Names may also come and go as I change the importance of characters. The province contains characters according to where they are at the beginning of the story, not their province of origin.

Written progress:
Pages: 376
Words: 172,000
Chapters: 32

Italics: Planned character (not yet written)
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The Hillsens (opening central characters):

Fortknight Sentaryn Hillsen
53 years old. A peacemaker. Caring and respectful. Works hard at both his job as a vassal of Lord Adumus and as a father.

Alis Hillsen
44 years old. Driven and strong. Supportive without showing weakness. Stubborn, doesn't ask for help. Runs the Hillsen Estate.

Merita Hillsen
41 years old. Alis's sister. Materialistic. Cynical and reclusive ever since her husband fled the family and was executed by the law.

Bethyn Hillsen
23 years old. Loving, enjoys complimenting others and making people feel loved. Wants to please people and has fallen in love with Kris Goodhall.

Kayn Hillsen
20 years old. A skilled soldier in the footsteps of his father. An idealistic perfectionist with a short temper and a big mouth.

Isadora Hillsen
17 years old. Intelligent and pragmatic. Prefers books over boys. Enjoys challenging others and tends to manipulate people.

Tymothy Hillsen
12 years old. A dreamer. Clever and foolish at the same time. Has a romantic view of life, but is perceptive and is a good strategiser.

Blakely Hillsen
9 years old. A shadow of a child. Mostly goes unnoticed and enjoys the lack of attention. Compliant to others.

Province of Simbea (Laurond):

Lord Adumus Haydin

Prince Ignatius Haydin
18 years old. The heir to Simbea. Proud, passionate, and patriotic, yet ruthless and forcefully controlling.

Paladin Tybalt Thaddeon
48 years old. A childhood friend of Alis Hillsen. A very skilled and intelligent general and leader.

Paladin Morrison
41 years old. A tall paladin with white hair before his age. He is accommodating and shrewd, preferring to think first and act later.

High Palasar Bardor
52 years old. A great man with a stiff posture who has a tendency to be creepy or awkward.

Castar Redbrand
40 years old. One of Tybalt Thaddeon's most trusted companions. Has a colourful vocabulary.

Fortknight Nevyn
29 years old. A heavy-set knight with strong arms, a knack for weapons, and a kind heart.

Fortknight Wryte
34 years old. A tall, lean knight with a permanent smirk and great cunning. He's intelligent and realistic.

Councillor Herrick
27 years old. A young councillor in the Laurond council, known for his hard-working and caring nature.

Councillor Blayse
62 years old. An older council member with wiry hair and a habit of pausing mid-sentence, though that doesn't hinder his intelligence.

Forthand Asandra Melai
29 years old. The loyal personal bodyguard of Alis, hired by Sentaryn, though she watches over the whole family at the Hillsen Estate.


Province of Midlands (Jevithem):

Lord Davne Miria
283 years old. Ruler of Midlands. Shrewd and somewhat eccentric, a good judge of character who doesn't take trash from anybody.

Princess Wrisen Miria

Prince Perion Miria
49 years old. A self-centred prince who likes everything in a certain place and will notice if it's not right.

Paladin Waldemar Havenoth
53 years old. A powerful old paladin who dishes out judgement and justice. Enjoys small cake treats.

Paladin Demetre
48 years old. A large, powerful man and paladin of Steelfort. Seems to doze of at inconvenient times, but is stubborn and powerful.

Paladin Orrsa Ritmere
24 years old. A young woman with a high title. A creator and deviser, a thorough thinker.

Castar Bishom
29 years old. A castar of Steelfort who governs the lord's barracks. Clean but very strict.

Castar Villis
33 years old. Castar of Blue Keep, stronghold of Waldemar Havenoth. Dismissive and self-centred.

Baird Lerin
71 years old. A kind old man who takes people across Lake Baymoor for free on the condition that they don't bring any weapons onboard.

Gilbert Portland





37 years old. The mother of Natasha and Jorge. A thin woman who can rapidly change from cruel to nice.

15 years old. Nicola's daughter. Seems obsessed with retying her own hair, but she works hard.

13 years old. Nicola's son. Distracts others, causes trouble, and pushes his boundaries.

Province of Cape Valley (Relaness):

Lord Hermond Whilvier

Prince Olston Whilvier
18 years old. Lord Hermond's son and the prince of Cape Valley. A talented yet brash young man with rather strong mood swings.

Paladin Landors Wolfkin
41 years old. The most renowned paladin in the kingdom. Thinks highly of himself.

Paladin Rogeroy Angrad
28 years old. A giant of a man with an obsession with "The Truth."

Kris Goodhall
25 years old. A loyal knight looking for promotions. Has fallen in love with Bethyn Hillsen.

Fortknight Dimiter
45 years old. A skilled knight who is as perverted as he is selfish.

Mayor Percival Brown
64 years old. Welcomes the Hillsens to his town at the beginning of the story.

27 years old. A mercenary from Whitehills who travels with Mason. Thoughtful and sure of character.

20 years old. A mercenary from Whitehills who travels with Treijim. Quick to laugh and speak his mind.

Province of The Heights (Yeletoren):

Lord Erechard Ephilis

Paladin Onuxutex Arnon
99 years old. Father of Ensvin, Saexon, and Kalvos. A family of Ildemin, all with dog heads, tails, claws and furry bodies, and all large and powerful, especially Onuxutex.

Paladin Ensvin Arnon
50 years old. Son of Onuxutex. Known as The Fiend. A phlegmatic, detached commander of a reasonable portion of Yaele's forces.

Paladin Saexon Arnon

Paladin Priar Cathere
53 years old. A clever, principled paladin and known leader. He's a fairly good judge of character and has a strong sense of duty.

Paladin Xaul Eisenbolt
30 years old. A tall paladin who thinks things through.

Head Mayor Kalvis Arnon

27 years old. A dramatic redheaded soldier who seems better suited as court jester.

30 years old. A soldier. Earns the nickname 'Catfish'. Argumentative yet discerning.


Trivin Enessar
29 years old. An assassin.

12 years old. A boy with a magnificent white horse named Rosaria with a strange habit of turning up everywhere Isadora goes.

Province of Goldlands (Trelinia):

Lord Giovanni Portia

Paladin Naiad Angrad
32 years old. A strong soldier woman with no sense for humour or wasting time, strongly dutiful and loyal.

Larr Sotten
10 years old. A chubby boy from a mountain village in Yrth. He talks as often as he trips over things.

Rend Firestar
11 years old. Tall for his age, rather forceful and bossy. He likes to think he's a good fighter.

9 years old. Friend of Larr and Rend.

Levina Naesha
12 years old. A peasant girl of Yrth.

Province of Highlands (Leotyne):

Lord Ezekiel Brice

Judas Uthen
32 years old. The famous leader of the Uthen Bandits of Stowden. Uninhibited, daring, and intimidating.

Lady M
30 years old. A big lady with a big heart. She talks regardless of who's listening. Lives in Stowden.

Province of Whitehills (Phedailin):

King Taharial Endoran

Queen Olivia Endoran

Lord Alfress Crewein
430 years old. Wisened and astute, weary with duty, dismissive and strict, old-fashioned in his opinions.

Prince Maxim Crewein
15 years old. Brash and popular, clever, bold, sometimes rude, privately shrugs off his duties and responsibilities.

Swordkeeper Rorek
Personal trainer of Prince Maxim. A foreigner, well-respected for his fighting ability. Confident and good-humoured.

13 years old. A Simbean servant of Prince Maxim. Attentive, patient, a little shy.


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