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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Riiga Forums

A new, huge project is looming on the horizon.

Essentially, I want to stop having Riiga hosted by proboards and put it on my own... server... thing. It will be built up anew, unique to us, with Riiga-specific features listed below. Basically, it will allow us to customise and modify the forums as we see fit. Riiga will, in a way, become more game-like, but not so much so that it loses the freedom of text-based role-playing. It won't become all about numbers and stats.

Though it's being started right now in many ways, don't expect to see anything for at least several months. The forum itself can't really be started until early 2010.

The project will be directed by me (Treijim) with Ethereal Panda as my head developer and my brother, Xennavor, as my assistant. Korw will be hosting my material.

Some examples of features:
  • When you begin a new thread, it lets you select a character to use (you can only use a character in one thread at a time) and it has joining/leaving features for characters.
  • Quick-access to databases which are read and translated into user-friendly descriptions. Eg: In the database, the harce has a speed of 7, but in the guide the user will see it as, "It has formidable speed, sufficient to outrun a human."
  • Access to random generators (books, names, places, quests, etc.) for when that brain fart interrupts important processes.
  • Logic checks. Eg: If you create a human character and give them fire-breathing abilities or try to grant them mammoth-like strength, it will tell you to stop being silly.
  • Changeable statuses for threads, so it's easier to put a thread on hiatus, or to open it to allow members to join, or to close it to prevent this.
  • Make it so that you can request a person to join your thread, and they will be notified of your request.
  • Advanced notification methods which are a lot easier to use.
  • Enhanced NPC-related features to make them simpler to role-play with, such as creating NPCs assigned to certain characters and being able to join a thread first with an NPC and later with a character.
  • Easy access to dictionary and thesaurus features to help the quality of writing.
  • Tips and suggestions for improving a post which may possible be too short, such as describing the character's physical actions, ensuring they have responded to everything there is to respond to, or describing a new setting with sufficient information.
  • A second, more compact type of post, called a dialogue post, wherein two members can converse through characters without spamming a thread with huge posts where the character only says one or two things.
  • Enhanced Character Creation aids:
  1. Professions and factions suggested for your race and residency choices.
  2. A "wallet"; decide how much money your character begins with (subject to logic checks, and ranging from "Hugely Indebted" to "Upper Class Noble") and keep track of this money in private.
  3. Aids for creating a personality.
  4. All such features will be overridable, in case you do not want any suggestions, but characters are still subject to the discretion of the administrator who will accept it.
  • IC (In-Character) time aids for threads:
  1. Decide the starting date of your thread (month and day) and the system will tell you the season.
  2. Use a particular command when posting within your text to decide the point when a day (or more) has passed. The IC number of days the thread has lasted will be displayed in its statistics.
  3. Or, decide that the date a thread begins will remain unknown.
  4. This feature has no particular purpose except for helping keep track of the IC date and time, and is entirely optional.
  • When you post in a thread with multiple members, you can manually select who is to reply next, or let the forum decide and just go with the original cycle of members.
  • Reminders of where it's your turn to post.
  • Automatic tag functions which read the content of your posts and suggest related wiki articles to link to, such as people, places, gods, and creatures.
  • Character profiles (as opposed to member profiles) which show all the threads they've been in and how long (IC) they've been active.
  • The ability to have sub-avatars unique to each character.
  • A function that lets you comment or make notes on threads without posting on them and interfering its flow.
  • Another new type of post, called a Combat Post, which is more compact and summarised like the Dialogue Post to avoid spamming a thread with such minimal information.
Because it's fun and interesting.

And that's it for now. If you have ideas relating to any part of this, contact me however you want and we can discuss it.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Main Article

Updated: 2/9/09

Contact me:
YIM: treijim
AIM: treijim

Riiga Development Board:

Creator: Treijim
Creative Assistant: Xennavor
Personal Assistant: Laharl234
Director of Science: Starbat
Director of History: Chris Stalis
Director of Language: Littlefluffie
Director of Food: Korw
Members: Easywhisper, Tesunie, Drew

Current Projects:

Birds of Riiga: Starbat
Vastin Language: Treijim
Horthaire Mansion: Treijim
Cultural Foods: Korw
Wiki checking: Tesunie
King and Queen Idavio: Drew
Drawing the 76 Weapons of Riiga: Treijim
Recalculating Riiga's Populations: Treijim
Redesigning Hireos/Odanon: Treijim
Detailing Statistics of Countries/Provinces: Treijim
Designing Faction Systems: Treijim
Riigan Alchemy: Treijim

Projects to be Taken:

If you want to undertake any of these, let me (Treijim) know. As per all the CULTURE projects, it's recommended to use the Human Races article as a guide to different kinds of people.

  • (Ongoing) General wiki browsing/checking: You don't need to let me know if you want to do this; you can do it any time you like and you can check any article you like. I understand some of the articles are sorely outdated and need to be rewritten. If you spot mistakes or inconsistencies, have suggestions for new articles or other related ideas, let me know.
  • CULTURE: Accents: As someone who knows very little about linguistics, anyone with knowledge on accents and the like is welcome to invent some for use within Riiga.
  • HISTORY: Sir William and Lord Katahedra: Refer to wiki update 16/5/09. I would appreciate it if people read over these new articles and checked them for consistency and interestingness. If you have read these, please consider: should I create an article for Rushnukvan as well?
  • HISTORY: Carson's descendants/wife/family/bells/horn: I need someone to work on one or more of these aspects of Nicolas Carson's life. It's highly recommended to read his wiki article before working on these.
  1. Carson's Family: The article does not mention Carson having a wife and children, but he has descendants, so it's presumed that he did at some point.
  2. Carson's bells were in the city of Trelinia in South Ideitess but it's not known what happened to them after The Scouring. This leaves room for an interesting historical story/mystery.
  3. Carson's horn is a blowing horn used at Carson's Wall in North Ideitess, but I think it needs a little bit of history to make it more interesting. All that's known is that it is very large, deep, and loud.
  • CULTURE: Provincial Flags: Ideally, anyone wanting to design provincial flags for all human Riigan regions need to wait for the "supermassive" map of Riiga to be completed and uploaded, because it shows every major province in Riiga.
  • NATURE: Seasonal descriptions: There are months, but there aren't really seasons. Should there be the generic dry/wet? Or the four seasons? Or something more mysterious?
  • NATURE: Gemstones. Riiga needs some. Self-explanatory. A decent selection is preferable, so I can add what fits and modify what doesn't.

Any other ideas?

Completed Projects:

  1. Rough Clothing/Outfit Styles by Treijim, 2nd September 09
  2. William versus Katahedra by Tesunie, 2nd September 09
  3. Supermassive map of Riiga by Treijim, 13th October 09
  4. Timeline revamp by Treijim, 4th September 09
  5. Ages of Riiga by Treijim, 4th September 09
  6. Human Currency by Treijim, 5th December 09
  7. Unique Natural Phenomenon/Features by Treijim, 20th January 09